Torre Las Plazas Ruggieri   Torre Las Plazas Amenábar
4 towers of housing, 2 office blocks, 7 shops, a bank and a supermarket, 314 flats, 89 offices, 600 parking spaces, pool, gym, spa and SUM. Total area: 65.000 m².

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  20 story blocks of 128 flats, 118 parking spaces and the ultimate services. Total area: 13.000 m².

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Torres Las Plazas Blanco Encalada   Patio Bullrich
15 story block of 120 flats and 100 parking spaces. Heated swimming pool, SUM, gym and cinema are many of the ultimate services that this construction will have. Total area: 11.000 m².

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  The shopping Center has 118 shops, a food court, 210 parking spaces, 6 cinemas and a place for entertainment. Total area: 27.000 m².

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Torres José Hernández   Showcenter Norte
Two towers of 25 story blocks each one, a place for recreation with 2 paddle courts, games for children and a place for shops. Total area: 34.000 m².

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  Amusement park, 16 cinemas, 28 wooden tracks of bowling, food court, restaurants, 60 shops and 3 underground parking lots for 2000 cars. Total area: 140.000 m².

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Showcenter Haedo   Shopping Center Soleil
14 cinemas, bowling, food court, restaurants, 65 shops and 2 underground car parks for 1350 cars. Total area: 50.000 m².

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  150 shops, Fast Food, 2 cinemas, ice rink and an amusement park. Total area: 17.000 m².

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Los Gallegos Shopping Center   Complejo Uriburu
Two underground car parks for 190 cars, a place for loading and unloading merchandise, the first floor and the second have capacity for 60 shops, gastronomic shops, food court, kindergarten, children's area and a second floor for two cinemas. Total area: 23.000 m².

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  148 flats, 253 parking spaces, 1 supermarket, business room, refrigerate chamber and storages. Total area: 19.000 m².

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Oficinas Cerrito 1266   Oficinas Reconquista 570
Building for first floor offices, 8 storeys and 2 underground car parks. Total area: 5.000 m².

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  Building for first floor offices, 8 storeys and underground car park. Total area: 4.700 m².

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Hipermercado Disco Mar del Plata   Gascón 1245
Shops, parking spaces, storages and office. 12.000 m².

  Housing building. Total area 2.000 m².

Piedras 1005   Gascón 1245
Housing building. Total area 3.000 m².

  Housing building. Total area 2.100 m².

Local Show Room   Gascón 1246
Corrientes, corner Florida. Total area 1.500 m².

  Housing building. Total area 1.500 m².

Mercado Concentrador de Ganado de Chascomús   Tanque Argentino Mediano
Cover surface 2.500 m². Paving 38.000 m².

  Paving 6.000 m² of HA. 1.800 m² of shed.

Remodelación Casa Central Banco Liniers   Bingo Lavalle
Integral recycling, indoor offices and public room. Total area 700 m².

  Bingo, restaurant and 2 recycled cinemas. Total area 3.000 m².

Guayaquil 321   Lavalleja 990
Housing building. Total area 2.000 m².

  Housing building. Total area 2.000 m².

Quintana 473   Rodríguez Peña 427
Office building. Total area 2.200 m².

  Housing building. Total area 5.000 m².

Julián Álvarez 1668   Gorriti 4160
Housing building. Total area 2.000 m².

  Housing building. Total area 2.300 m².

Viviendas - San Miguel   Viviendas – Saladillo
Neighborhood of 288 individual housing. Total area 30.000 m².

  Neighborhood of 272 individual housing. Total area 30.000 m².

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