Ing. Nicolás Maccarone
Ing. Martín Maccarone
Ing. Rodrigo Durán
Substitute Mananger
Lic. Luciano Maccarone
Mario Martello
Personal Manager
Coinsa is the continuation of Maccarone Group S.A. and the result of three generations devoted to maintenance developments; civil constructions and outstanding engineering projects.

Its origins date back to 1921, a period when activities relate to civil developments started. At this early stage the company provided maintenance services for buildings and housing construction.

The sustained rate of growth experienced particularly as of 1985, together with an expansion in the number of projects carried out, made it necessary to substantially modified the initial structure, creating as effect various specialized companies, which formed the Maccarone Group S.A.

Currently the company counts on a very important capacity and experience in areas such as: the supervision and integral construction of civil developments projects of different types; and the study, development, management, financing and investment in diverse businesses and enterprises.

With its sole limitation being a healthy approach of subsidiarity which must not increase costs, Coinsa has designed a profile and a strategy of permanent development that has placed the company in a leading position in the managerial context of our country.

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